Multivitamin & mineral supplement

Vitamin B6 & mineral supplement

Ginseng & potassium supplement

Pure nordic Omega 3 liquid fishoil

What do our customers say?

After having given my body Reconpharma’s CQB complex for a long period of time, I seem to notice a big difference in my night’s sleep and my daily energy level. My night’s sleep has thus become more calm and stable and I feel more healthy every day when I wake up in the morning. I generally only feel a more stable energy level and seem to have more profits in stressed situations. The body thus feels less tired and less stressed”.

Invest in your night’s sleep and your energy!

– Simon Andersen, Triathlete and student

“Genuines product. Taking CQB complex daily – and for an ordinary 42-year-old family couple for two small spearballs, it’s just amazing to feel the extra energy I feel it gives me everyday.

In addition, I do not have the same soreness in the body, as I previously felt when I walked down the stairs in the morning. Thanks for a good product Reconpharma!”

– Kasper Stotz, Trial runner and family man 

After I have started on Reconpharma, I have had a more calm night’s sleep and I’m therefore more healthy and energised when I wake up. I have noticed that I have more mental surplus during the day and I experience less muscle stiffness.

With Reconpharma, I’ve found the “all in one” solution, which I do not need to understand how much of each grant I’m going to take. I just have to follow the instructions, so I’m covered. It’s easy and it works for me, for a busy weekday”.

– Claus Dietz, OCR runner and coach

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3 reasons to use Reconpharma

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You are fed all vital vitamins, minerals and energy

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It’s easy to use, as well as bringing on the move in our smart cylinder

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You support our Danish veterans every time you buy a vitamin/mineral bundle


GMP is your quality assurance


GMP is a series of requirements and rules used in the pharmaceutical industry

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Scientific proven to Reconpharma’s vitamin/mineral bundle

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Helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion

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Contributes to protecting cells against oxidative stress

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Contributes to maintaining a normal muscle function