Reconpharma was established in the summer of 2015 in Odense C. It has been crucial for us, that the developing of our products was anchored in close collaboration with researchers. We have created the vitamin/mineral bundle, which combines vitamins, minerals, enzymes, ginseng and the superfruit gojibær. Our goal is that our dietary supplements can make a difference and minimum the physical and mental pressure that occurs, among other things, in situations of fear, stress and long working days.

The whole idea behind the vitamin/mineral bundle was to make it as easy as possible. We have made sure, that you get all the vital vitamins and minerals plus the good attributes of the Goji berries and Ginseng. The only thing you need is to make sure to get your macronutrients.

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The brand

The old name:

CQB is a military term and means Close Quarter Battle. CQB is a formation that you use when entering a room. CQB is some of the hardest, both psychic and physical that soldiers can experience. That was part of the reason that we had chosen just that name. We see our dietary supplement as the perfect partner when you have a demanding everyday life.

CQB complexes help strengthen the immune system, normal muscle function, electrolyte balance and protect cells against oxidative stress – all crucial components in stressful situations where the body is exposed to maximum pressure.

The new name:

We have chosen to change the names and designs of our products, from the very military, to a more stylish look. In addition, we changed the name of the products as we saw more customers who could not see the red thread in our old name and were in doubt about the content of the products. Therefore, C-complex has become MULTI +, Q-complex has become MINERAL + and B-complex has become ENERGY +. 

The story about the silhouette

The silhouette has a particular importance to us. The picture was taken in Iraq in 2005, where our director was sent out as a soldier. The silhouette had space on our tubs because it was just a mission that the idea of our products originated. When soldiers are sent in war, both the psyche and the body must withstand an at times inhuman pressure. The body can only handle the pressure without help for short periods of time, and vitamins and minerals are therefore crucial for keeping the body going and psyche up.


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Scientific anchoring

Product development has been done in close cooperation with researchers and competent professionals from home and abroad. It has been a cornerstone of Reconpharmas development strategy, to ensure we can deliver a product that meets the expectations of the user and a little more. “By teaming up with specialists and consulting us with some of the best professionals, we ensure that the user receives a quality product and a really strong and competent dietary supplement” – Martin Holmblad, Managing Director

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