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What do our customers say?

After having provided my body with CQB-complex from Reconpharma for a long time, I seem to notice a big difference in my sleep quality and my daily energy level. My sleep has become more calm and stable and I feel more energized every day, when I wake up in the morning. I feel generally just a more stable energylevel and seem to have more energy in stressful situations. The body feels less tired and less stressed.

Invest in your sleep and your energy!

– Simon Andersen, Triathlete and student

ingenious product. Taking CQB-complex daily – and for an ordinary 42 year old father of two small krudtkugler, så er det bare fedt at mærke den ekstra energi jeg føler det gir’ daily.

Dertil har jeg ikke samme ømhed i kroppen, som jeg tidligere mærkede, når jeg om morgenen skulle ned af trapperne. Thanks for a great product

– Kasper Stotz, Trail runner and family man

After I've started CQB-complex, it has given me a more quiet night's sleep and I'm more fresh, when I wake up. Jeg har bemærket, at jeg har mere mentalt overskud i løbet af dagen og jeg oplever mindre muskelømhed.

With Reconpharma I have found the "all in one"solution, where I don't have to find out how much of each supplement I shall take. I just follow the instructions, then I am covered 100%. It's easy and it works for me, in a busy life.

– Claus Dietz, OCR runner and coach

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3 reasons to use CQB-complex

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You get all vital vitamins, minerals and a energy boost

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It is easy to use, and carry on-the-go in our cylinder

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You support our veterans each time you buy CQB-complex


GMP manufactured is your assurance of quality


GMP is a set of requirements and rules, used in the pharmaceutical industry

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Scientifically proven that CQB-complex

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Helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion

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Bidrager til at beskytte cellerne mod oxidativt stress

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Helps maintain normal muscle function